The Past Lives Podcast Ep60 – Raymond Moody

Dr Raymond Moody is my guest this week.

In 1975, Raymond Moody coined the term near-death experience in his book Life After Life.

For half a century, DR Moody has heard thousands of accounts of near-death, shared-death and after-death experiences. Throughout his five-decade career, he has explored themes related to aspects of death, dying and grief. In his book Glimpses of Eternity, he discusses the phenomena of shared-death experiences. He wrote about past lives in his book Coming Back and talks about methods for evoking the dead, in his book Reunions

Dr Moody also has a passion for language, which he shares with his colleague and co-founder of the University of Heaven, Lisa Smartt. His PhD in philosophy focused on unintelligibility and his new book Making Sense of Nonsense (Llewellyn 2020) discusses what nonsense teaches us about consciousness and altered states of being.

The University of Heaven online platform is a lifelong dream for Dr Moody. For years, he have imagined a forum in which leading-edge researchers and thinkers could share their most up-to-date investigations into near-death phenomena while also drawing upon the wisdom of the ancients whose practices and customs clearly recognized a life beyond this one.