The Past Lives Podcast Ep130 – Sonrisa East

This week I am talking to Sonrisa East about her book ‘Remembering Past Lives: A Guide to the Vaguely Familiar’.

One in four people in the world “believe” in reincarnation.
But stripping religious dogma from the search for our past lives can be difficult.

In this easy-to-follow guide, Sonrisa East explains each of us remembers at least some part of a past life on a daily basis. We simply don’t notice. Or we pass it off as an odd, random thought. But once we shift our awareness just slightly, we can use those things in our lives that seem vaguely familiar, along with modern “clues” like ancestry and DNA analyses, to create a private guidebook to past lives.

Poignant examples light the way for your own personal journey–a journey that has never been easier. And perhaps one that has never been more important.

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