The Past Lives Podcast Ep132 – David Wallace

This week I am talking to David Wallace about his book ‘The Journey of Our Souls: What You Can Learn From One Man’s Multiple Near-Death Experiences’.

David Wallace’s story is one of challenges and spiritual transformations that have allowed him to develop extraordinary skills and talents. Beginning with a head injury at age five that resulted in an out-of-body experience, David began experiencing strange phenomena including being able to guess correctly what his Christmas presents held.

In “The Journey of Our Souls”, David shares not only his personal and spiritual experiences, but also how his understanding of the afterlife and the Universe have been enriched by his Hawaiian culture. Today, he uses his hard-won wisdom and talents to help others do everything from getting proper diagnoses for their medical ailments to making peace with the spirits who formerly owned their property.

Most of all, David focuses on how to cope with change. Fear always accompanies change, and it can cripple your life. To combat fear, you need to educate yourself on how to cope with change based on others’ examples. David models how to embrace change so it will enrich your experiences.

David J. Wallace is an author, professional keynote speaker, educator, kahu, reiki master, remote viewer, seer, Native Hawaiian cultural practitioner, medical intuitive, and psychic intuitive. He is the found- er of Ha Ki’i Healing and Medical Intuition Methodology and developer of the Picking Winner$ Method of predicting the future. He offers training workshops in healing, medical intuition, predicting sporting events, and choosing winning roulette and lottery numbers.

Kahu Wallace is a retired high school social studies teacher with a BA in Teaching Social Studies, with emphasis in history and psychology, from BYU Hawaii. He has also earned advanced certifications in psychology, an MS degree in Public Administration from the University of Hawaii, and a Master’s of Metaphysical Science and Divinity from the Metaphysical University. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Metaphysical Science.

Kahu Wallace was born on the island of Molokai, Hawaii. He was raised in the Hawaiian Homestead community of Ho’olehua and has been immersed in Hawaiian culture since childhood. After injuring his head by falling out of a moving vehicle, Kahu Wallace began to develop the first of many different skills that followed these brushes with death.

Kahu Wallace is a descendant of ruling chiefs, kahunas, healers, seers, seafarers, navigators, explorers, educators, fishermen, farmers, and warriors. From an early age, he learned to communicate with these ancestors through dreams, visions, and visitations. His ancestors tutored and inspired Kahu Wallace to develop his natural abilities and reach beyond his limitations.

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