The Past Lives Podcast Ep146 – David Gerrelli

This week I am talking to David Gerrelli about his book on distressing Near Death Experiences ‘How To Escape From Hell’

It’s estimated that between 4 and 15% of our entire global population experience an NDE. That equates to around 5m people in the United States, 100m in Europe and 200m in China. Only a tiny fraction of these experiences are ever reported.
What if they’re right? Can hundreds of millions of people be making this up? Are they communicating over some super secret global network to get their stories straight?
I like a good conspiracy theory just like the next man, but this one’s a little off the reservation.
Of the hundreds of millions of NDE’s worldwide there is a small, but notable, percentage of destressing or Hellish experiences. These experiences commonly involve Demon’s, torture and horrific suffering.
How to Escape from Hell: Studies of the Afterlife focuses on these extraordinary stories from all corners of the world. On our journey we’ll hear from the witnesses of these experiences, comparing the recurring themes and events. Through my research I’ll pose to you answers to the questions we all want to know, but were afraid to ask.
Is there even a Hell? Is religion right, will I go to Hell for not following the prescribed path? If I do, how the Hell do I get out of Hell? How do I avoid Hell? Is it too late? Have my dead loved ones gone there? Are Demons and evil spirits real? Do people who commit suicide go to Hell?
On our journey we’ll apply some good old fashioned critical thinking, attempting to wrap some science and logic around these fundamental questions.