The Past Lives Podcast Ep163 – Samantha Touchais

This week I am talking to Samantha Touchais about her amazing psychic experiences, meeting her soul guides and how she received the story of Mr Jones. She talks about a particularly frightening experience with a ghost in her bedroom when she was young (the ghost was friendly but as a 6 year old she was terrified!).

Samantha is a business and mindset coach, specialising in mindfulness, mindset and the creation of good mental habits. She teaches women how to use their mind to change their world. She helps busy women seeking change to create a safe and secure path to launching their dream business and provide them with the tools to make it a success.

A Lifetime of Goodbyes
Imagine waking up one day to find out you are dead. This is what happens to Mr Jones as he climbs on to the bus on a fine sunny day. But he has been offered an extraordinary gift; the opportunity to say goodbye to whomever he chooses before he moves on to his next adventure.

A Lifetime of Goodbyes is a journey full of love, laughter and tears, one that is sure to move us and leave us with a longing to live life to the full and to make the most of every moment. As we accompany Mr Jones on his final visits to his loved ones, we not only see life through his eyes, but we are opened to life as it stands for us and are guided into making decisions about what we truly want out of life, before it’s too late.