The Past Lives Podcast Ep22 – Tricia Robertson

This week I talk to Tricia Robertson about her book ‘Things You Can do When You’re Dead’. Tricia Robertson is one of Scotland’s foremost psychical researchers.

In the book Tricia shares some of her thirty-year research into mediumship, reincarnation, psychic healing, apparitions, poltergeists, and after death communications.

2 thoughts on “The Past Lives Podcast Ep22 – Tricia Robertson

  • Tom Culler

    Simon, I’ve listened to every episode, and you’re doing a great job. Thanks so much for putting these interviews together.

    Have you ever spoken with Dr. Brian Weiss?

    Tom Culler
    Clinton, Michigan


      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the great feedback.

      I have not talked to Brian Weiss but I will be inviting him onto the podcast. I just hope he says yes 🙂

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