The Past Lives Podcast Ep30 – Candace Talmadge

This week I am talking to Candace Talmadge about her book The Afterlife Healing Circle.
The afterlife healing circle is a way we can safely communicate with those on the other side, whether they are loved ones who have passed or future offspring who have not yet been born.

Trained as an energy-healer, Candace has been taking clients to meet their guides since 1988. Her mission is to awaken others to the unlimited practical benefits of true holistic living, which actively incorporates the spiritual and emotional bodies as well as the physical and mental self.

Candace has written for numerous media that include Adweek, Business Week, the Dallas Times Herald, Forbes, the International Herald Tribune, The New York Times, and Reuters America. She has also been a syndicated political columnist whose works have appeared in publications such as Liberal Opinion Week.