The Past Lives Podcast Ep33 – Jenny Cockell

This week I am talking to Jenny Cockell about her past life memories and how she confirmed there reality through research and eventually meeting her past incarnation’s children. We discuss her book ‘Yesterday’s Children: The extraordinary search for my Past Life Family’.

The book describes the trauma and worry of a past-life memory, and Jenny’s decision to search for “her” lost children. It follows her progress through her dreams and memories, the revelations of hypnotism, her searches through maps, through local groups in Ireland, and her trip to the village where Mary had lived. Finally, it details her painstaking search for the children and the extraordinary “reunions” that took place.

We also talk about her latest book ‘Past Lives Eternal’. Jenny Cockell has always remembered past lives and has spent decades finding documentation and past life relatives to verify the memories. In this, her fourth book, as well as a new case she also looks at the many questions about reincarnation. Where do we go between lives? Does all life reincarnate? If our bodies are made of recycled star dust what about our souls; were they here too from the very beginning? The nature of reality is explored using ideas from many sources, including science and research.