The Past Lives Podcast Ep42 – Robin Foy

This week on The Past Lives Podcast I am talking to Robin Foy. Robin was one of the team who took part in The Scole Experiment looking into physical mediumship.

The Scole Experiment is now widely regarded as the most important scientific investigation of evidence for life after death in history. Highly-qualified and objective scientists, and a whole range of other people who attended the Scole Group’s sessions, came away convinced that (mostly) invisible, discarnate intelligences were making direct contact with those present.

Robin and Sandra Foy both have 39 years intensive experience of witnessing physical mediumship and physical phenomena. As well as being involved in a series of their own home circles to develop phenomena over the years with varying results, they have also had the opportunity to sit with a number of physical mediums, many of whom are (or were) well known in this field.

Through their long involvement, they have gained extensive knowledge and experience of the different ways in which physical phenomena can be produced by the spirit teams attached to various circles, mediums and groups. This is knowledge they would like to share with other dedicated groups and serious researchers. The crowning glory of their experiences to date is their involvement in the now famous ‘Scole Experiment’ which took place at their home in Scole over a 5-year period in the 1990’s. During this period, Robin and Sandra were able to witness no less than 1,000 hours of physical phenomena in their ‘Scole Experimental Group’, where their two physical medium friends, Diana and Alan Bennett remained in deep trance throughout their experimental sessions.

Robin Foy was the Co-Founder of the ISM Home Circle Link in the 1980’s and the Founder of the Noah’s Ark Society in 1990. He remained its chairman until September 1994. In 1992, he was Co-Founder of the Scole Experimental Group and, later, of the New Spiritual Science Foundation. The group demonstrated physical phenomena to the public (and to scientific investigators who were senior members of the SPR -Society for Psychical Research) in the UK, in Ibiza, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Ireland (Eire) as well as in California (USA)

In 1996, Robin published his first book – In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship (Janus Publishing Co Ltd)

His Latest Book – Witnessing the Impossible – was published a while ago (Torcal Publications 2008), and is the only complete record of every sitting of the Scole Experimental Group.