The Past Lives Podcast Ep52 – Richard Estep

This week on The Past Lives Podcast I am talking to Richard Estep about his new book ‘Haunted Healthcare’. This fascinating book contains true stories from healthcare professionals of paranormal events they have witnessed that indicate the reality of the afterlife.

Many of those who have chosen the medical profession are no stranger to the paranormal. Ghosts walk the hallways of hospitals both old and new, haunting the wards and operating rooms.

Join Richard Estep, paramedic, paranormal investigator, and cast members of TV’s “Haunted Case Files” and “Haunted Hospitals,” as he talks to EMTs, nurses, medical professionals, and patients alike, documenting their most intense and chilling encounters with ghosts and spirits.

Dare YOU walk the hallways of some of the world’s most haunted medical facilities? Welcome to the world of Haunted Healthcare…