The Past Lives Podcast Ep57 – Stephen H Martin

My guest this week is Stephen Hawley Martin. We have a great discussion about his new book ‘Edgar Cayce, The Meaning of Life and What to Do About It’.

If you believe it’s likely or even simply possible we humans are spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience, this book is a must-read. Author and metaphysician Stephen Hawley Martin interviewed three authorities steeped in the information contained in the more than 14,000 psychic readings given by Edgar Cayce [1877-1944] and received answers to the big questions we humans have been wondering about since we first walked upright on the African savanna. Martin shares the interviews and the answers in this volume along with a book he wrote recently that you can use to help you find and pursue your purpose.

Known worldwide during his lifetime as “The Sleeping Prophet,” Edgar Cayce twice-daily put himself into a hypnotic trance and was able to answer any question put to him. As the very extensive record shows, the accuracy of information revealed by Cayce that could be checked and verified was absolutely extraordinary.