The Past Lives Podcast Ep79 – The Puzzle

This week on The Past Lives Podcast I do not have guest as I wanted to put together an episode that looked at the big picture. I was talking to Tricia Robertson in episode 76 about how there were so many different pieces of evidence that show the reality of an afterlife and that it was like a jigsaw puzzle.

For example these different puzzle pieces would be NDEs, children with verified past life memories, death bed visions an so on.

I have interviewed many people with experiences and expertise in all these different areas. So what I’ve done in this episode is bring together these puzzle pieces and try and get an overview and see how they fit together.

One thought on “The Past Lives Podcast Ep79 – The Puzzle

  • Simon. . . Great idea for a show – bringing together commentary from many different guests around the same subject. It’s amazing how many peoples’ experiences were similar. As you know, I’ve had a diverse amount of experiences around past lives, OBE’s, NDE’s, spirits from other realms, and more and I always love to hear about others’ journeys.

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