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This week I am talking about the book by Pieter Elsen ‘When Souls Awaken: Real-Life Accounts of Past-Life and Life-Between-Lives Regressions’.

Have you ever asked yourself, why do we reincarnate? What better answers to these questions could we possibly get than from the accounts of those who have gone there themselves. By traveling back in time during past life regressions, clients share their incredible findings in this book.
What is the true nature of my being? What is consciousness? Why am I here?
Take a mystical journey beyond the empirical reality of life on earth with wisdom clients received by connecting to a state of super-consciousness during life-between-lives spiritual regression, along with commentaries by the author.

Would you like to understand the purpose of your life?
This book is not only full of incredible past life and life between lives cases, it is filled with gems of spiritual wisdom helping you understand what it is that you came to do here on earth to live a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life.

Pieter Elsen, author of ‘When Souls Awaken – Real-life accounts of past-life and life-between-lives Regressions’, was born in Holland and has lived in 5 different countries and on 3 different continents. Born and educated in The Netherlands, Pieter studied 5 years at the renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven, specializing in Industrial Design. Though he graduated with honors, Pieter felt there was more to life and set out on a 20-year journey of Self Discovery that brought him to France, India, England and finally the United States. Pieter was a Vedic monk for 21 years, of which 11 were spent in India. While there he studied extensively the deep and spiritual philosophy of the East. He uses this experience and knowledge as a therapist and life coach counselor integrating the Western and Eastern schools of thought. He is licensed by the Michael Newton Institute of Life between Lives Regression.After coming to the United States he channeled his experience as a gifted motivational speaker and background in philosophy and international cultural diversity into the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy. In 2014 Pieter attained his Ph.D. specializing in Transpersonal and Spiritual Counseling.Pieter’s current focus is on past-life and life-between-lives regression sessions and writes and speaks on this topic, in his blog, and on various shows.