The Past Lives Podcast Ep91 – Karen E Wells

This week I am talking to Karen E Wells about her book ‘Past Life Regression: Exploring The Past To Heal The Present’.

Karen E Wells is an established therapist & tutor with year’s of experience at successfully helping thousands of clients and students to move forward in life.

Karen works extensively with renowned Spiritual Healers Mike Robinson & Jo Le-Rose and brings elements of their exclusive teachings & healing into the world of Hypnotherapy & Regression to offer unique sessions & courses not found anywhere else in the world.

She has also been a member of The Newton Institute training team in California & Europe. (Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls) and in 2006 Karen established The KEW Training Academy Ltd, which offers Classroom & Online training courses.

Karen is also the author of 2 best selling books:Past Life Regression; Exploring The Past to Heal The Present & Hypnotherapy; A Simple Solution in a Complex World.

Past Life Regression: Exploring The Past To Heal The Present

This book looks at the incredible healing potential of past life regression. Detailed within are case studies that include past lives about grief, infertility, chronic pain, the Titanic and more and how they can still affect people now until those lives and events have been discovered and healed.
If you have ever wondered how going back into your past lives could help you, then this book enables you to see that to go back in time could heal what is going on in your present moment. Often the roots of an issue can be found in a past life.
Understand the theory behind past lives, why healing is so important and take the journey yourself with the FREE past life regression MP3 included with this book.