The Past Lives Podcast Extra Ep3 – Sandi’s NDEs

This month I will be producing three extra episodes looking into the Near Death Experiences of Sandi T.

Sandi put her three NDEs on the NDERF website and I found her experiences so interesting and informative I thought I would put them out as extra episodes. This is the first episode.

Each Episode will feature one of her NDEs and then go into the questionaire that Sandi filled in regarding the NDEs. Her answers are facinating.

There is also an interesting description Sandi put on the website describing her attempts to re-experience NDEs though drugs.

I have had permission from Jody Long at and from Sandi to record these episodes.

NDERF is the largest Near-Death Experience (NDE) website in the world
There are over 4800 Experiences from all over the world on the site.
The web site is a free public service and they welcome and encourage everybody to read and participate on the website.
NDERF is run by Jeffery Long and Jody Long.