The Past Lives Podcast Ep25 – Wendy Rose Williams

This week I am talking to Wendy Rose williams about her near death experience, reincarnation and her book Regression Healing I:: The Huntsman, the Lord High Mayor and the World War II Soldier.

A lifetime athlete and adventurer had broken his neck. Could a comprehensive Past-Life Regression truly heal his significant daily pain? Could he finally learn how to connect easily and meaningfully with his Higher Self and Guides?

Witness one man’s exploration of more than a dozen of his past lives. Celebrate his journey Home as he becomes “One” with the Light within us all. Learn how finding the origin of physical or emotional pain provides the opportunity to heal and release it for a happier, healthier NOW, via the Regression Healing™ spiritual regression technique.

This story is the culmination of a profound soul-mate journey between a man and the woman who becomes his Past-Life Regressionist. Soul-mates are for lessons, to awaken us, and often to challenge us to grow or to go. Discover how their mastery of this final lesson frees them both.

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  • Simon, thank you for the opportunity to be a guest on the Past Lives Podcast! You’re doing a fantastic job pulling the thread between so many important ‘consciousness’ related areas: past-life regression, NDEs, psychic phenomena, after-life research and so much more.

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