The Past Lives Podcast Ep138 – Dr. Yvonne Kason & Raymond O’Brien

This week I am talking to Yvonne Kason and Raymond O’Brien.

The Past Lives Podcast is co-sponsoring a talk by Raymond on Nov 21st at 1pm EST. More information can be found through the link below.

Raymond O’Brien – A Seer and Near Death
November 21 @ 1:00 pm EST – 3:00 pm EST
Co-Sponsored by The Past Lives Podcast
Noon Central, 11 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific, 6 PM in the UK.

British multiple NDE Experiencer, multiple STE Experiencer, and life-long “seer” Raymond O’Brien, will share the story of the “seeing” side of his family, and how he knew in advance about his upcoming death in 2009. He’ll describe his multiple NDEs which happened when he was resuscitated 10 times due to cardiac arrests. He will describe how these NDEs impacted him, and what happened in hospital – how the staff responded and still do to this day. He will share how what he has seen as a medical intuitive has been validated by medical staff and the clergy whilst he worked on a hospital chemotherapy-unit as a healer.

Dr. Yvonne Kason MD
Yvonne is the President and Co-Founder of Spiritual Awakenings International. She is a family physician and transpersonal psychotherapist [retired], previously on faculty at the University of Toronto. She is an internationally renowned medical expert on Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and other Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs), with 40 years experience counseling and researching persons with NDEs and other STEs. Propelled by a powerful kundalini awakening in 1976, and a Near-Death Experience in a 1979 medevac plane crash, she began to research NDEs and other spiritual experiences.

In 1990 she became the first Canadian medical doctor to specialize her medical practice in the research and counseling of patients with diverse types of STEs. Dr. Kason is the person who first coined the phrase “Spiritually Transformative Experiences” in 1994, in her book, A Farther Shore. She has had five Near-Death Experiences herself, two in her childhood and three in her adult life, as well as multiple STEs.

Dr. Yvonne Kason is the Past-President of IANDS, the International Association for Near-Death Studies (2019-2020) and a former IANDS Board member. She is the Co-Leader and Co-Founder (2019) of Toronto Awakenings Sharing Group, and is a member of ACISTE, the American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences.

Dr. Kason has been a pioneer in the field of Spiritually Transformative Experiences for over 40 years. In 1990 Dr. Kason was a Co-Founder and later a long time Board member of the Kundalini Research Network. She was also the Canadian Coordinator of the Spiritual Emergence Network, and in 1992 the Founder of the Spiritual Emergence Research and Referral Clinic in Toronto. In 2000 she Co-Founded the Spirituality in Health-Care Network, and in 2002 she was Chair of the University of Toronto’s first ever conference on Spirituality and Health-Care.

Dr. Yvonne Kason has five published books, her most recent, Touched by the Light: Exploring Spiritually Transformative Experiences, (2019). Dr. Kason has extensive media and public speaking experience worldwide. She has been a keynote speaker at conferences internationally, and has made over 100 professional presentations. She was a Keynote speaker at IANDS Vancouver conference 1999, and a plenary speaker at IANDS Philadelphia conference 2019. Dr. Kason has been an invited guest on many TV talk shows including: The Dr Oz Show (2020), and radio shows including Coast to Coast (2020). Her 1979 plane crash Near-Death Experience was re-enacted on Sightings and in two documentaries. Dr. Kason retired from the practice of medicine in 2006 for health reasons after being incapacitated for twelve years and following a dramatic brain healing in 2016, a “miracle of brain neuroplasticity”, Dr. Kason has now resumed writing, public speaking, and giving media interviews about NDEs and STEs. Yvonne Kason lives in Toronto, Canada, and enjoys “snowbirding” during the winter months, in Encinitas, CA.

Raymond O’Brien
Raymond comes from a family of “seers”. The skills of ‘seeing’ runs in his family, He has been interviewed on BBC TV , The Victoria Derbyshire Show, and The Amit Kainth Show in the United Kingdom. He was a featured speaker at IANDS conference 2019. Raymond has spoken at the prestigious Royal London Teaching Hospital on the subject of the psychological effects of surviving a cardiac arrest, be this trauma or STEs after the NDE. He has been published by the John Hopkins University on the subject of near death and the lack of care and understanding of this in the medical world, as well as about how he incorporates his own NDEs in his own practice of helping survivors of NDE/STEs. Raymond is a member of the British Association of Counselors and Psychotherapists, and lives in London, England.

TOUCHED BY THE LIGHT Exploring Spiritually Transformative Experiences

Dr. Yvonne Kason’s life was touched by five Near-Death experiences (NDEs), the most recent in 2003. Her dramatic Near-Death Experience in a 1979 plane crash propelled her as a young medical doctor to research and counsel people with diverse types of peak spiritual experiences. In 1994, she coined the now widely used phrase “Spiritually Transformative Experiences” (STEs). These include Near-Death Experiences, mystical experiences, spiritual energy or kundalini awakenings, diverse psychic experiences, and inspired creativity.

Touched by the Light is a synthesis of forty years of Dr. Kason’s research on STEs and their profound after-effects on body, mind, and spirit. Filled with fascinating case studies, Touched By the Light is inspiring to all, as well as a practical guide for those experiencing STEs and their counsellors.