The Past Lives Podcast Ep140 – Sara McClellan

This week in the first half of the episode I am talking to Sara McClellan about her book ’31 Dimes from Heaven: The secrets I learned from my Near-Death Experience’.

In the second part of the episode I take a look at the life review that many people who have an NDE experience.

31 Dimes from Heaven: The secrets I learned from my Near-Death Experience
This book is about my journey from childhood trauma to healing… In an instant, I became reconnected to my spirit through a Near-Death Experience. Through this experience, I then discovered that I was living with a very abusive man involved in a satanic cult. I had been severely abused as a child and was completely shut down emotionally. I had no cognitive development as I was living in fright or flight mode – bouncing like a pinball from situation to situation, from relationship to relationship with no goals, no dreams or awareness. I was lost and self-loathing. I share the challenges and gifts that I faced through this experience, which have helped me to heal the deep-rooted wounds of my childhood, including believing I was flawed.

The Near-Death Experience gave me the ability to separate from and step out of my life’s chaos and emotional pain. I became acutely aware of the drama I was creating to support my belief system I had been taught as a child. I was able to heal the wounded emotional part of me, as well as my physical body (including Crohn’s disease), to find balance.

In one of the many pivotal points along my journey, I found a dime on the ground – and that dime shifted my whole awareness. It caused me to ask myself a very important question that dramatically changed my life view.

This book teaches us how important it is to love ourselves; that healing is possible, and gives hope. I share tools, techniques, and insights that I learned along the way. I believe it will give you a new perspective of life’s journey and our purpose.

This story is very real, raw and vulnerable. I believe this vulnerability was necessary to create an intimacy with you the reader and to invoke healing. I know this book is the reason why I chose not to die. My life’s purpose. It is an honour to share this journey with you.