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Have you ever pondered the mysteries of what lies beyond death? Join me as I delve into compelling evidence that sheds light on this age-old question. Explore near-death experiences, reincarnation, mediumship, and other fascinating phenomena through insightful discussions with researchers and individuals who have encountered remarkable experiences. Prepare to re-evaluate how you perceive life and death as we journey through these intriguing topics.

My mission on Our Paranormal Afterlife is to investigate evidence that demonstrates survival of human consciousness after death. Each week I will be looking into a different aspect of this field of life after death and go in depth into the evidence that is all around us.


Hypnosis is an amazing thing. It gives us access to the subconscious, to our higher selves and beyond. When someone is hypnotised they find themselves in a wonderfully relaxed state where the conscious mind can take a back seat and allow room for a more enlightened view of the universe.

Being guided through a past life regression by a certified hypnotherapist is a powerful experience. I have a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy from the UK National Council for Hypnotherapy and a certificate in Past Life Regression Therapy from the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. I have full professional insurance.

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“My regression with Simon was my first one, and it was a really great experience. He knew when to let me explore and when to press me to move on. Though at the time I felt like I was making it all up, in retrospect, it is clear that I was not. Simon is a terrific hypnotist and I felt very safe through the whole process. During the 24 hours after the regression, I was able to make deep connections between my past and current lives that did not seem obvious during the appointment. I look forward to doing it again with him someday.”

“Simon is such a gentle soul and seems so genuine and truly concerned with your experience. He instantly made me feel comfortable, like I could say anything, and it would be met with the highest regard. He resonates with me as being very authentic and non judgemental, and does not come across as a “know it all” like some spiritual leaders do. He is humble and gentle and I could work with him over and over again.”

Past Life Regression Services

There are two past life regression services available. The first is a single past life regression session. The second is a course of three past life regression therapy sessions which will bring a therapeutic resolution to an issue that has been troubling you.

Past Life Regression Therapy

In Past Life Regression Therapy we access your current life and past lives to find reasons for a current life issue. The recommended course of three sessions will give you insight and knowledge that is very beneficial.

Your subconscious carries powerful emotions from one life to the next and these can affect your life in all sorts of ways.

The techniques used in PLRT can cut the connection to the previous lives and release you from the limiting emotions, thought processes and Karma that is affecting you today. Each session $139

Past Life Regression

In a past life regression session you will be guided through a hypnotic process that will take you to previous lives. Your past life memories are mostly forgotten at birth but with hypnosis we can get access to those memories through the subconscious.

In a past life regression you can find out why you have a love for a country you have never visited. You may discover you shared a past life with someone you are close to in this life. Occasionally people find out why they have a particular fear or phobia. Accessing past lives can provide great insight and provide evidence that you are an evolving soul on a path of learning and enlightenment. One session $139