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Have you ever thought about reincarnation? Have you ever wondered about your past lives? Visiting a past existence can give you great insight into your current life. Many people that go through a Past Life Regression return for another session as they are so excited by what they find. The experience is amazing and can be life changing.

In a Past Life Regression session we will take a journey through your past incarnations to see the amazing experiences you have had. You may recognize people you have incarnated with before. Perhaps your current sister was once your son or father. You might find out why you have an unexplained love of a country you have never visited. The past life you view is chosen for you by a part of you that you may call your subconscious or your higher self or perhaps by a spirit guide. The life chosen for you to view will be one that will be beneficial for you to have knowledge of in this life.


Past Life Regression is a way of using hypnosis to guide the client to a relaxed state of consciousness where they can access memories of past lives. During the regression the client may see themselves as a different gender, at a different age and a different race at some point in history. These experiences help the client gain insight into their spiritual nature and that they are an eternal being.

Many people that have gone through a Past Life Regression have verified information they saw in a past life. This information is related to past lives of people who were not famous and much research had to be carried out to find it.

Some souls have tremendous learning experiences and gain what they need from one life. There are other souls who need to incarnate many times just to learn one lesson.

Where Will Your Experience Take You?

Booking A Session

The fee for a Past Life Regression session is $139 payable in advance.

When you book your free consultation I will send you a client intake form which will need to be returned no later than 24 hours before the call. We will use Zoom for the call.

Once we have discussed the client intake form and you are happy that I am the Hypnotherapist for you, you can go ahead and book your past life regression session.

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A Past Life Regression

This is a past life regression I was taken through. The experience was powerful and insightful. Here I will give a brief description of what I saw.

I find myself in a courtyard. It is perhaps 200 yards long and 75 wide. These look like typical Venice buildings painted in pastel colours. I am female and I am wearing a long dress that seems to be very detailed. I get the impression it is the 17th century. I have a rolled up piece of paper in my hand. I go through a pair of large door in the corner and I am in a chapel. There is a priest there and he seems to be expecting me. I hand him the piece of paper, he opens it and reads the message. He doesn't look pleased. No words are spoken and I leave satisfied I have completed my task of delivery. I walk to the other end of the courtyard which leads through a pathway where there is a boat waiting for me at a small dock. This is not a Venetian canal but a large expanse of water. There are two men in the boat. One hands me a parasol and helps me into the boat and I sit down.

I see the boat arriving at a small private mooring outside a large house. I walk up the steps and through the well kept garden. I get impression that there is an elderly gardener who is very protective of the garden and even though he is an employee the whole family is scared of him. I enter the house and in the ennormous hallway I pass a man I know is my father. We do not speak to each other and I go past him into a big room.

I have moved forward in time and it is my wedding night. My father has arranged for me to marry the son of an affluent man for the purpose of bringing the two families closer together for better business opportunities and to consolidate their wealth. I am sitting alone at a large table and I am very angry and upset. I feel I have been betrayed by my family. There is a party going on around me but no one is talking to me.

I jump forward in time and I am upstairs in the bedroom. My new husband has joined me and he is very drunk. I shout at him to get out but he finds my anger hilarious. I try to hit him but he grabs my wrists and throws me on the bed. He falls on top of me but I push him off. He is too drunk and just lies there, eyes closed, I think he is asleep. I go to the window, open it and jump. I find myself looking down at my body. I am a ball of light and drift away up into the clouds.

The images I saw in this regression are still with me. They are detailed and I am sure that when I visit Venice if I can find the location I will recognize it immediately. I also had slight physical feelings. I could feel the tightness of the wedding dress and I could feel the heat of the day. I wonder if the purpose of this Venetian life was to experience betrayal.