‘Today I experienced past life regression. That was WILD! I had asked to experience a life where I was a total badass and lived fully. In my regression, I found myself standing alone on a mountain peak in the snow. I was a mountaineer and a really really good one, the best and I knew it. It was 1892. The sense of freedom and empowerment I experienced was incredible, looking into the sun from the top of the world. ☀️ I had another life where I was travelling west in a wagon with my family, my wife and son. We were lost in the rocky desert. I fell and hurt myself and they could not reach me. I died there with the greatest sorrow and guilt of leaving them, knowing they would not survive without me.
Unexpectedly, I was overcome with emos and started just bawling… I feel it still. My body was twitching it up as I had massive releases of energy. I met my spirit guides in a classroom. I felt such a sense of joy and hilarity. These are some intensely humorous beings. I’m sharing this because it’s super cool, but also peeps, we are eternal. Death is not the end. Only the end of this personality. And if you knew this was not a only live once situation, how would that affect your current life?’

I think I found myself, I searched for painters in Venice and England, 1600’s etc  (the internet rabbit hole). But I did see myself as Robert in the session and when I saw a particular painting, I thought that’s me, who is that? – same clothes, face, hair etc.
Before I saw it was self portrait by Robert Walker (when you first asked about last name I was thinking W, W-something) who was a known portrait painter in England in the 1600’s. When I saw myself painting in the 2nd last scene of our hypnosis it was a portrait. Then I thought, but my moustache was different to the painting in my vision – was curled, but then I saw another artist had painted him and there the moustache was! He was also known for landscapes but I couldn’t find any online pics of these.
So maybe Marsden, Marsfield or the like  (I got as last name) was where I lived?
Also, I’m an amatuer artist and have dabbled in numerous forms/styles/subjects over my lifetime (as artists do) including self portraits.
While it seems Robert was semi famous as a portrait painter he probably wasn’t considered much in the day (when there was a million portrait painters, before photography) so didn’t feel so.

When you had asked me if I knew what illness I had, I said I wasn’t sure. The word Typhus was shown to me. I didn’t know what that was at the time so I didn’t mention it. After I looked up the word I found out it was an illness that is prevalent around the time of 1880s. The symptoms are nausea and severe fever that are long-lasting with a high mortality rate. I thought that was a great confirmation to me.

The moment that I went from being in my body then immediately out of my body was a very traumatic feeling. I felt so connected to this person. It was hard for me to leave her once you said we should move on from that space. I think that’s why I had such anxiety sitting in the chair with my guide. I felt I wanted to go back to her. I must mention that as soon as we ended our call, I had burst into tears. I sobbed for a long time. I felt intense sorrow for this person. I was guilty and so sad that she was alone. The look on her face is burned in my mind. I felt that her time was cut short. She was not expecting to die when she lay down on the couch. This feeling stayed with me for the rest of the day.

I’m an oil painter and later that night, I painted a quick painting of what I saw looking down at her body. I wanted to share it with you and it’s attached below.

Despite all of this, I’m extremely thankful for you and this experience. I think it will help with my anxiety in this life. I look forward to another session in the future 🙂

‘I would highly recommend a past lives session with Simon. During the regression, I felt I was “making it all up.” However, things have unfolded in my life in the weeks following that convince me that I really did visit at least one past life. And the other lives I visited, in the very least, conveyed important messages that I needed to hear in my current life. Bits that didn’t seem to make sense at the time of the session now make a lot of sense; as Simon said, information tends to come to you in the days following the regression, and I’ve found that to be 100% true. I’m so glad I waited to write this review and let these amazing synchronicities manifest in my life. If it’s calling to you, do it!’

‘I had been looking into past life regression therapy for some time. When Simon announced that he was doing them it was perfect. Doing them over Zoom was a bonus as well. Simon was able to take me through lives that had contributed to hip pain as well as allergies that I have been suffering through for some time. I am beginning to get relief from both which was my goal. It is very liberating to release these past hurts. I was also able to connect with my brother that recently passed in a past life which was amazing. Most incredible of all was the final life that Simon took me through. I was with my “soul group” of friends and we were angels for God helping heal children with God’s white light. It was so surprising and such a gift to be able to experience it. Thank you Simon for the work you are doing helping heal souls. I am sure my friends will be booking soon.’

‘Simon Bown, with his calm voice, gentle manner, and trustworthy expertise, serves as an excellent guide into the mysterious world of past life exploration.
I found my own session with him to be well-paced, captivating and remarkably revelatory. Highly recommended!’

Elizabeth Bodien, Author of Journeys with Fortune: A Tale of Other Lives

‘I’d just like to say a huge thank you for my Regression on Monday. The more I’ve talked about it to people the more I’ve been amazed at it all. I’ve recommended you to everyone I’ve spoken to.’

‘My regression with Simon was my first one, and it was a really great experience. He knew when to let me explore and when to press me to move on. Though at the time I felt like I was making it all up, in retrospect, it is clear that I was not. Simon is a terrific hypnotist and I felt very safe through the whole process. During the 24 hours after the regression, I was able to make deep connections between my past and current lives that did not seem obvious during the appointment. I look forward to doing it again with him someday.’

‘I came in a blank slate, having never done hypnosis before. I felt the nudge and signed up for past life regression. I had an excellent session, although surprisingly I went to a time period and a country which I am not especially interested in – in this life. At the end, we asked Spirit for the purpose of showing me this lifetime – and Spirit showed the word “Endurance.” It’s been several days since my session, and remarkably, the same word has just popped up in my path in the form of an undeniable bright-green neon sign. “Endurance.” I am grateful to Simon and his ability to take me through the regression.’

I have had 3 past life regression sessions with Simon and each was very different from the other, allowing my soul & subconscious to be eased slowly into confronting the root cause of several issues, some that I didn’t even have an intention of working on . Over these sessions, several emotional and physical issues were brought to light and worked on easily.

Simon leaves room for the subconscious mind to decide what may be of most importance or help so I actually had my sporadic back pain worked on unintentionally. This has resulted in what I can only describe as my body now healing itself after over 2O years of sudden back pain occuring. When I have felt niggles of the pain returning over the last few months since the regression I have been able to implement mindfulness by recalling the related memories from the regression (a fatal motorcycle accident). This has resulted in the pain dissipating immediately. I have also since had regular warmth at the very centre of the back pain which I feel must be my body healing now that my mind, body and soul has recalled and recognised where the pain is actually from and that it simply does not belong here in this lifetime.

Besides healing my back pain I also obtained answers regarding migraines, jaw pain and even issues regarding my son’s health. I also gained a greater understanding of my relationship with my son which I now know has stemmed from several lifetimes together.

Simon is flexible in working with each client’s belief systems, adjusting his wording accordingly to fit with what feels right for the client. For me I felt I wanted to work with my higher self or ancestors rather than spirit guides and Simon was able to accommodate this with ease.

In addition to this, Simon has such a calm soft soothing voice which makes going into hypnosis easy and relaxing, a very important aspect of the process. His manner is friendly, easy-going and calm giving clients a real sense of safety through what can be a sensitive time.

If you listen to Simon’s podcasts already then your subconscious mind will be familiar with his voice, making it even easier to go into hypnosis with him. I found this alone to be great preparation and a fantastic addition in finding success in doing regression with him. Highly recommended!’

‘Due to Simon’s extensive background in past life research, we were able to quickly develop a deep level of trust and rapport. In the 3 session regression series that Simon facilitated for me, I convened with spirit guides, the higher selves of friends and family, and experienced myself as a multidimensional being of light. Most importantly, we were able to heal the past life trauma of being a Rabbi in Germany during the Third Reich. I now feel more ease and freedom in pursuing my life path. I will be returning to the recordings of the sessions to glean further realizations and insights. Give this gift to your soul.’

“Highly recommend having a past-life regression session or past-life regression therapy with Simon Bown. Simon has the sensitivity to know how to work with one’s Guides to release emotions to bring about healing – this is a wonderful gift! He also has the balanced ego that’s needed to successfully facilitate these types of sessions. Thank you, Simon!”
Wendy Rose Williams, Certified Spiritual Teacher/ Past-Life Regressionist (Kirkland, Washington)

‘I was listening to The Past Lives podcast for about 10 months. It is one of my favorites. Finally I decided that I’m ready to have a session. It was unforgettable experience that brought some light and understanding to me. I couldn’t make sense of certain things right after the session but it came to me later on that day.
I’m impressed with Simon’s knowledge and professionalism and the most important with his kindness and compassion. I would definitely recommend to have a sessions with Simon to those who are looking for answers.’

‘It was so nice to talk to Simon in person after listening to his podcast all summer. The kindness I sensed in his voice is also evident in his face. I already recommended him to a friend.

‘I didn’t expect it to be how it was I thought I was prepared but I realise everybody has a different experience. It was a lovely regression and I felt some questions were answered that I never thought needed answering! And some sense of relief I never realised I was holding on to certain things. Simon I felt completely at ease with I felt he guided me well and I trusted his voice prompt when I needed it.
I’m still processing my regression and I’m really glad I did it. I hope my spirit guides prompt me again when I’m ready to continue the journey. Thankyou Simon look forward to next time.

Simon made sure I was very comfortable and was very thorough. He answered all questions and was very open to working through the past lives I experienced.