The Past Lives Podcast Ep158 – Stewart Alexander

This week I am talking to Stewart Alexander about his physical mediumship and his book ‘An Extraordinary Journey: The Memoirs of a Physical Medium’.

Stewart was featured in the Netflix series Surviving Death.

In the little known and controversial world of physical mediumship, Stewart Alexander is probably the least controversial and most respected among his peers and skeptics alike. His abilities – including extraordinary physical phenomena, evidence from loved ones, and book tests – have been experienced and put to the test by countless people for more than forty years.

What started out as a curiosity through reading and study more than fifty years ago became his life’s work – a life of patience, perseverance and service to the living and to the Spirit world, as he gradually overcame his own doubt and developed the ability to join the two worlds together.

An Extraordinary Journey is personal and moving – yet it’s more than a memoir – it’s a spiritual guide, a history of Spiritualism that includes a plethora of sitter’s first hand experiences – often wondrous, sometimes deeply emotional, but never dull.

Through Stewart’s mediumship, the bereaved are connected with their deceased loved ones, which demonstrates the likelihood that consciousness survives physical death.

About Stewart
I was born in the north of England during 1946 and I have three siblings. My brother and sisters have all shared in my gradual development of mediumship within my home circle over a period of many years.

Until I reached 21 years of age I had absolutely no knowledge of Spiritualism, and I suspect that in common with most people who know little about it, I had always imagined people sitting around tables in dim light or total darkness, with hands resting on the table top asking; “Is there anybody there”?

Then, my brother purchased a copy of Spiritualism’s all time best-selling book; ‘On the Edge of the Etheric’. Written by Arthur Findlay it was first published in 1931 and was based on his many illuminating personal experiences with the exceptional Scottish physical medium John Campbell Sloan. Then, with his interest ignited my brother passed onto me the book to read and truly that was when my/our journey began.

The book that first inspired us
During the years that followed my brother and I read many books about Spiritualism and particularly physical mediumship and eventually we began to occasionally attend one of our local Spiritualist churches. Approximately two years later, following a service, we received an invitation to join a well-established home-circle from a lady that we regularly saw there, whose husband was the trance medium. Having never witnessed such a form of mediumship before we gladly accepted and began attending each week. The medium would go into trance and we would then receive talks from various elevated entities – scientists, priests, and occasionally by alleged late celebrities such as Humphrey Bogart etc. etc. ?

Always – immediately following the séance the mediums wife would ask all the circle sitters whether they had sensed or seen anything of a psychic/spiritual nature? Each would respond with a definite ‘Yes’ – they had all seen or sensed something. Sadly, neither my Brother or I ever did and eventually we understandably concluded that neither of us had any spiritual gift whatsoever. However, in spite of this we continued our attendance through keen interest for quite some time before finally withdrawing and this brought that chapter of our journey to a close.

Then, sometime later we decided to create our own home circle in the hope of eventually developing physical contact with the next world since it was this that had initially excited our interest when reading of Findlay’s wonderful inspiring accounts as detailed in his best-selling book. A full account of my personal journey – what happened after – is contained within my book ‘An Extraordinary Journey’.