The Past Lives Podcast Ep169 – Tracie Austin

This week I am talking to Tracie austin about her book ‘I Survived Beyond and Back: True Accounts of Near-Death Experiences From Those Who Have Glimpsed the Afterlife’.

I Survived Beyond and Back takes you on a journey of firsthand Near-Death Experiences as reported by those who experienced them. Time and time again, people have asked these questions with curiosity – What really happens when we die? What lies on the other side? Is death the end? To the experiencer, near-death experiences are profoundly meaningful but are frequently met with skepticism.

“At that moment, Tommy remembered thinking to himself, Wow. I just died.”

“As Amy continued floating upwards, it became clear to her that she was now entering some dark tunnel and noticed a brilliant bright white light at the end of it. The intensity of the light cast beams on each side of it, and Amy estimated the length of the tunnel to be approximately a quarter of a mile long.”

“Miguel’s attention was suddenly drawn upwards to where he could see the presence of an angel hovering above with its wings outstretched and in full flight!”

Journey with us as we explore Glimpses of the Afterlife; The Science of Dying; NDEs vs. OBEs; The Physician Who Tried to Weigh the Soul; and my radio interview with Dr. Laurin Bellg, M.D., who talks about her role as a board-certified critical care physician and ICU director for two busy intensive care units whose patients confided with her about their personal near-death experiences while in the ICU. Read about near-death experiences of the Hollywood Celebrities!


Having completed various studies at Cauldon College of Further Ed. in 1984, Tracie re-located to London a year later to study at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama as a concert pianist, and to teach her instrument in a number of schools. Her interest in UFOs first began there, when she witnessed a UFO, an event that would later change her life!

In 1989, Tracie moved back to her hometown of Staffordshire to teach her instrument to numerous students, and became Project Manager of a popular music tuition agency. Her second daylight sighting of an unknown flying object occurred in May of 1996. A profound sighting of a black, boomerang object that changed shape was observed by other witnesses, and made a second appearance later that day over her house! The Television channel “BBC Digital” became aware of her sighting, and during the making of their TV documentary “Over the Moon”, Tracie told her story and re-enacted her sighting.

It was in June of 1996, that she hosted her first UFO conference, which became a major success. Radio appearances followed, as well as articles in local newspapers and invitations to speak on the subject at various organizations. A second conference followed in 1998.
Research into the UFO phenomena has been an on-going process since her first sighting in 1987, and she has investigated some highly strange UFO activity. Personal sightings of UFOs continue to date.

Tracie was invited as MC, and a guest speaker at the 2005 annual MUFON symposium in Denver.
She was also Mistress of Ceremonies and speaker at the first women’s UFO Symposium in Glen Rose, Texas 2012.

She is author of Welcome to Haunted Las Vegas, Nevada, which details true ghost accounts in the Silver State as researched and documented by LVSSI – Las Vegas Society of Supernatural Investigations. Her second book – Alien Encounters in the Western United States was also published by Schiffer and details nine true alien abduction accounts, which features photographs of suspected alien implants that were surgically removed by Dr. Roger Leir, as well as wonderful artwork depicting various alien beings that have been encountered. Her latest book – I Survived Beyond and Back details true accounts of Near-Death experiences as reported by those who have glimpsed the afterlife.

Tracie was the Executive Producer and Host of her own cable TV talk show originally produced in California called Let’s Talk…Paranormal which became quite a success in the USA and on the world-wide-web, and was also aired in New York, Arizona and Iowa. She is currently host for The Tracie Austin Show which airs as a visual podcast on KGRA Radio, Sunday nights 10pm-Mid EST.

Tracie has been a guest on Unified Field Radio, Mysteries Magazine Radio, The Paranormal View, Paranormal & Beyond Radio, TIWB Radio (Tuning in with Betsy-Canada), Restricted Airspace Radio, Third Phase of Moon, KXNT Radio Show “Myth or Reality”, Granada Forum Radio, Lightworker TV Show, UFO Paranormal Radio Network, Beyond Belief TV show with George Noory, Coast to Coast with George Knapp, Mystery Wire with George Knapp, Behind The Obsidian Curtain with Carol Carle, 77WABC – The Frank Morano Show, The Michelle Jones Show – Note Worthy.

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    Hi Simon, thanks for all your work on these interviews, always insightful!
    Just a question— have you recently changed something about the way you upload or make the interviews available? I used to be able to play them directly on my phone right on your site, but that no longer seems to work… Just trying to track down the cause. Thanks!

  • Investigating reincarnation, near death experiences (NDE), past life regression as well as other related phenomena. I interview researchers and experiencers to get a better insight into their viewpoint on reincarnation, NDEs, past life hypnosis, sprit communication and the after life. This is an impressive Podcast. So many podcasts in this genre are schlocky and gimmicky and drive you mad with endless ads. This one is not that. Advertising is kept to a minimum. Each week there are top drawer guests. Simon Brown is a skilled host with a keen mind and a natural talent to draw in both guest and listener. Some of these episodes are mind blowing in the best way possible.

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