The Past Lives Podcast Ep184 – Carrie Kohan

Two Extraordinary Near Death Experiences. This week I’m talking to Carrie Kohan about her book ‘The Five Lessons of Life: A True Life Story about an Ordinary Woman who Survived Two Extraordinary Near Death Experiences.’

Carrie Kohan is a National Child Advocate who changed many laws to protect children from harm. But Carrie’s life wasn’t always about being an outspoken advocate… She in fact, was illiterate much of her life; was placed in the ‘Dummy Class’ in grade 8 and failed grade 12. She was told by teachers, she was ‘lazy’ and ‘would never amount to anything’. So what happened then to turn her life around so drastically? One day Carrie’s prayers were answered in the most unusual way… She died! Not once, but twice!

Carrie was an up-and-coming Aboriginal (Metis) actress in 1992 – that is until one fateful day when her self-destructive ways of drinking got the best of her, and she slipped away into the darkness of her first Near-Death-Experience.

Carrie survived that death and immediately turned her life around. So imagine her surprise when she died for a second time a year later! This second death was extremely different from the first. This time, Carrie didn’t venture into the Darkness of Hell. Instead, she travelled into the White Void (Heaven) and received one of the most profound and comprehensive messages imaginable!

In these remarkable pages, Carrie bravely shares with you her extraordinary insights, downloads and wondrous Conversations with Spirit, God, Jesus, The Council of Men, and her ‘Guidance Counsellor’ – who answered every question imaginable about Heaven, Hell, Power of Thoughts, Purpose, Manifestation, Healing, Spirit vs Soul, What happens to Suicidal Souls, Judgement, Love, Secrets of Native Wisdom, and everything else in between.

Always an avid journaler, Carrie delivers her recollections in this astonishing narrative using excerpts from her personal diary entries from 1992 and ‘93.

After Carrie’s return from her NDE’s, she went on to become the pioneer and catalyst of a child protection movement in 1998. She’s improved the lives of millions of children through her volunteer work as a Child Advocate and Federal Government Witness. Carrie Kohan dedicated the next 17 years to helping to amend and write 14 laws to protect children. Despite death-threats and the obstacles of being illiterate much of her life, Carrie persevered! In the end she contributed to the creation of more laws than any other citizen.

Carrie is also the namesake for a Private Member’s Bill written by MP Art Hanger called, ‘Carrie’s Guardian Angel Law’.

As a result, Kohan has been awarded medals from the United Nations and Queen Elizabeth II. And it all started with practicing The Five Lessons of Life.

One thought on “The Past Lives Podcast Ep184 – Carrie Kohan

  • Kara Cooley

    I have had situations in this assistance that have been a full death, I don’t understand “near” death when I know for sure I was dead and I was guided back each time. My “guardian” has been with me since I was 3 years old. I am now 56 and I have died more than once or twice. Many of the times I begged to stay on the “other” side. They always turned me back and I would wake up here again.
    The most recent death was ” associated with Covid-like symptoms” and they (the entities that usually welcome me and send me back) were ready to take me in for the first time. I could hear my dearest friend, my sister, praying and crying. Her words were along this line, “It’s okay if she needs to be gone from this place. If she has peace. I know I will be okay. I will try not to hold on or keep her here just because I feel I need her and want her with me.”
    That was the most recent death and the one and only time I actually chose to return. So what is NEAR death?

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