The Past Lives Podcast – Extra Episode

A Past Life Regression. This extra episode is audio from a recent past life regression I conducted. The client has very generously allowed her session being turned into an episode.

This is something the client said in her intake form ‘My anxiety presents itself by visual flashes of dying by a horrific sudden accident (all different ways- and all sudden deaths) and wondering if that is related to a past life’.

After the regression the client sent me an email where she this ‘I’m feeling wonderful, so light, like a heavy weight has lifted. I have not had one vision of sudden death since Saturday. I have tried to trick my mind into “seeing” something but it is very, very faint, and the disturbing nature of it is absolutely gone. Quite amazing!’.

During this session the client met her spirit guides and they took to a place where she was shown a fascinating book. If you are interested in past life regression this is an episode for you.

One thought on “The Past Lives Podcast – Extra Episode

  • Lisa Taylor

    I am very interested in having a past life regression! I have just fractured my wrist and have a lot on my plate right now but will definitely be in touch !

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