The Past Lives Podcast Ep 100 – Christina Rasmussen

This week I am talking to Christina Rasmussen about her book ‘ Where Did You Go? A Life-Changing Journey to Connect with Those We’ve Lost’.

In her first book, Second Firsts, grief educator Christina Rasmussen helped countless readers cope with and rebuild their lives after loss through her Life Reentry program, drawing on both her professional expertise and her personal experience of becoming a widow at age 35. Still, even after rediscovering joy, she wrestled with one persistent question: where did you go? Like so many of her clients, she continued to wonder what had become of her husband—and whether there is any hope of connecting with our loved ones after they have passed on. Now in her second book, Where Did You Go? A Life-Changing Journey to Connect with Those We’ve Lost, Rasmussen reveals not only that the answer is “yes,” but that we all have the ability to reconnect with our lost loved ones—while accessing a timeless consciousness that can profoundly change our lives here and now.

Books about the afterlife generally fall into one of two categories: spiritual or science-based. Rasmussen—who grew up in a small Greek town where religion permeated daily life, but who fell in love with neuroscience and psychology while studying in Europe and the United States—merges the metaphysical with the scientific in Where Did You Go?, delving into quantum physics and brain science to make the invisible visible, and illuminate some of our most pressing spiritual questions.

“When a loved one dies, we can open a door between this world and the next. It only closes when we don’t look for it, when we don’t observe it and when we don’t believe it’s there,” writes Rasmussen. “When we walk through this door, we go on a journey to an invisible place.”

A step-by-step guide to journeying to the other side—as well as a groundbreaking exploration of what happens after we die—Where Did You Go? leads readers through practical exercises that serve as tools to help us experience the unseen world for ourselves, connect with our loved ones, become comfortable with the experience, and trigger it whenever we desire—no psychic abilities required.

“The death of a loved one brings forth an opening just wide enough for us to squeeze in and seek our own truth, to seek the multi-dimensional world where you will find your beloved,” writes Rasmussen. “You want to be a part of it. You want to go inside this place your beloved has gone, reach for their hand, and let them give you a tug. And in that reaching, you find not just them but the place from which you’ve come, the place you belong.”

Christina Rasmussen is an acclaimed grief educator, the author of ​Second Firsts ​and  Where Did You Go?​. She is also the host of ​The Dear Life Podcast. She is the founder of ​The Life Reentry Institute​ and has helped countless people break out of what she coined the “waiting room” of grief to rebuild their lives through her Life Reentry Model. With this, she introduces a new model of grief based on the science of neuroplasticity. She describes grief as a catalyst for redefining identity, and outlines the process of “reentry”, or returning to life. Her mission is to change the way we grieve, the way we live, and how we define our potential in this life, and the hereafter. She has consulted on the 2019 movie short Dreamwisher ​and currently working on her very first work of fiction as she believes that big change in an industry that has been left behind requires not only education
and training through traditional settings but also in media, movies and  entertainment. 

Her Institute’s mission is to bring forth a new way of speaking about and embracing loss within the medical, corporate and social environments. Her work has been featured at ABC News, Washington Post, Maria Shriver and the White House Blog. She currently works and lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Eric, their daughters and their two dogs. 

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