The Past Lives Podcast EP101 – Chris Batts

On this episode I am talking to Chris Batts about his book ‘Boom!: The Life and Times of a Suicide Near Death Experiencer’.

The book is about his life and how his experiences led him to attempt suicide.

Chris says this about the book;

This is the true story of how I tried to kill myself only to learn to love myself and be happy because my near death experience (NDE) was the best thing that ever happened to me.

My NDE amazed me. I didn’t think such things were possible. I never expected to meet God or those I call my guardian angels, but I did. And I never expected to be able to communicate with my guardian angels on an ongoing basis as a result.

BOOM! is the true story of my life before and after my NDE from jumping out of a moving car. BOOM! also includes insights and guidance from my guardian angels on the spiritual realms and how to improve our lives on earth.

—CHRIS BATTS is a para educator and para translator for special education children. He lives in southern California. He spoken about his near death experience at the International Association for Near Death Studies conference.