The Past Lives Podcast Ep110 – Karen Joy

This week on The Past Lives Podcast I am talking to Karen Joy about her book ‘Other Lives, Other Realms: Journeys of Transformation’.

Karen Joy spent twenty years as a registered psychologist in her successful private practice. Like Dr Michael Newton, Karen accidentally regressed a client into a past life when she told the client, who was in trance, to go to the origin of the problem. Once the traumatic experience from the past life was resolved, the client had no more problems with the issue in her current life.

She has many qualifications including,
Certified as Life Between Lives Therapist with the Newton Institute for LBL Hypnotherapy
Certificate of Past Life Regression Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques with the Holistic Healing Centre of New York (USA)
She is co author of Llewellyn’s Little Book of Life Between Lives and co author of Wisdom of Souls
Case Studies of Life Between Lives from the Michael Newton Institute.

Other Lives, Other Realms: Journeys of Transformation

Death is not the end. Other lives and other realms await us. Of these, none is more miraculous than our life-between-lives. This is the realm we visit between incarnations. A realm of unconditional love. A realm of insight and guidance. A realm of hope and reconciliation. A realm where our life’s purpose becomes clear.

Karen Joy and Marie Benton have guided hundreds of people through past life and life-between-lives regressions. As skilled hypnotherapists, they can take you to your life-between-lives, and bring you safely home. They offer all their clients one simple guarantee: you will get what you need. Join with Karen as she shares over fifty case studies that reveal the depth and breadth of the life-between-lives experience. But be warned: after reading this book, you too may yearn to visit other lives, and other realms.

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