The Past Lives Podcast Ep119 – Richard Martini

This week I start off talking to Richard Martini about his book ‘Architecture of the Afterlife: The Flipside Code: Discovering the Blueprint for the Great Beyond’.

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For a long time Richard has been using a technique for taking people to their space between lives. In this episode Richard takes me to my between lives space to find out why the council of elders refused to talk to me in a hypnosis session I did. Not only do we talk to my guide but also to several members of the council.

After filming 50 cases of people under hypnosis saying the same things about the afterlife, (Flipside, It’s a Wonderful Afterlife, and Hacking the Afterlife) and working with medium Jennifer Shaffer talking to people directly (Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer), I began to focus my research on people who were not under hypnosis, but who could recall a vivid event: a dream, a near death experience or something that was consciousness altered. By asking simple questions to them about their experience, I found that I could “ask them” to invite “people on the flipside” into the conversation, including loved ones no longer on the planet, including guides, teachers and council members that are aware of all of their lifetimes, as well as have answers to key questions about the nature of reality, about consciousness, and about how things work.

By asking nearly 50 people not under any form of hypnosis “the same questions” to these “people on the flipside” – I was startled to see that they said the same things about the journey that the people under hypnosis have said. Within this audiobook, people are going to listen to things that will upset their paradigm, that will challenge their belief system, that will force them to rethink (or at least consider rethinking) everything they’ve ever been told about the journey. As one science based author wrote to me in an email, “Your experiments, which I have tried on my own and replicated, have shaken me to my core.”

I am a filmmaker and author. I have been filming people talking about the afterlife for over a decade, and have reported extensively how I came to this line of questioning. These reports have been gathered over the past two years; some remain anonymous, some are not – either way, they are people fully conscious, eyes open, staring into the distance over my shoulder (or speaking live on the radio) accessing vistas and worlds I’ve heard about from other people. The reports are consistent and they are reproducible. We apparently choose our lifetimes, bring “about a third” of our conscious energy to any given performance. When the play is over, we “return home” to connect with our loved ones, teachers, and guides. These accounts point to another reality altogether – one that does not include fear, does not include attachment to worry, an understanding of why we each chose our lifetime and what we are here to learn.

As Gary Schwartz, PhD wrote in the introduction to Flipside, “As you read Richard’s journey of personal discovery in the context of these great questions, you will awaken to a vision of mind and the universe which is filled with opportunity and awe. This is the kind of the book where once you have read it, you will no longer be able to see the world in the same way again.”

This book is no different.