The Past Lives Podcast Ep120 – Susan Barnes

This week I am talking to Susan Barnes PHD about her book ‘Unfolding Physical Mediumship: Historical, Philosophical, and Personal Perspectives’.

Dr. Susan B. Barnes, CSNU is a communication professor, medium, and spirit artist. She is a certificate holder from the Spiritualist National Union (SNU) and tutors mediumship classes on SNUi, She has been trained in mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College and The International Spiritualist Federation.. Her work has been featured in the Psychic News, Psychic Observer and several television programs. In addition she is the curator of the Spirit Art Gallery in Cassadaga, New York. She has authored eight books including: Visual Communication: From Cave Art to Second Life, Branding as Communication, and Spiritualist Basics.

Susan holds spirit art classes and teaches automatic drawing. She begins her medium readings by having the person being read choose a wax card with a design on it. During the reading, the image of the face of a loved one appears in the wax. Susan identifies the relationship to the person being read of the individual whose image appears in the wax and then proceeds with her medium reading. The faces in the cards change. They become stronger and sometimes disappear after being identified. The card is given to the person to keep.

For years, Susan has been practicing Spiritualism and natural law. She sat in physical circles and tutored developing physical/trance mediums. She has designed a personal home for physical seances in Lily Dale, New York. She sits with spirit photographer Shannon Taggart to capture physical phenomena on film. Susan has transfiguration and table tipping photos of herself and other mediums.”

Unfolding Physical Mediumship: Historical, Philosophical, and Personal Perspectives

Spiritual awareness is happening all around us. We are living at a spiritual turning point. As individuals, we are learning how to tune into the spiritual voices of our loved ones and guides. The media has a fixation with mediums, death, and altered consciousness. Throughout these changes, physical mediumship is now becoming more prevalent in contemporary culture. In Unfolding Physical Mediumship, author Susan B. Barnes offers a basic understanding of physical mediumship, its phenomena, and its practices. She provides an overview of the subject with some practical guidelines on how you can experience physical mediumship yourself, also exploring the philosophy, religion, and science of Spiritualism, which is essential for developing physical mediumship with a spiritual connection. Unfolding Physical Mediumship can help you understand the philosophy, religion, and science behind physical mediumship as well as show you how both mediumship and Spiritualism can play a central role in your daily life.