The Past Lives Podcast Ep122 – Joe McQuillen

This week I am talking to Joe McQuillen about his book ‘My Search for Christopher on the Other Side’.

My Search for Christopher on the Other Side, an unforgettable book of a father’s relentless love for his lost son, began on a freezing January morning in 2016. Joe McQuillen’s life was turned inside out when he received a call that his son, Christopher, along with three of his friends, was missing. They had been at a friend’s lake house, celebrating the end of Christmas break from college. Sometime during the evening of revelry, the four young men jumped into a canoe, paddled out onto the icy lake, capsized, and drowned. Christopher’s body was recovered first; the others over the next several dark days. Thus began Joe’s journey through grief, awakening, discovery and acceptance as he—through mediums, research and, eventually, direct communication—navigated his personal bridge to “the other side.”

Joe’s first contacts with Chris occurred through a medium, via telephone. The messages were astounding and reassuring, but Joe wanted more; he needed to look into the face of the one talking and listening to his son. To be clear, Joe McQuillen is a not a flaky guy given to flights of fancy. He grew up a blue-collar kid from Buffalo and has gone on to enjoy very successful careers in several business. He is a solid citizen, happily married for 27 years, father of two other children…a family man and a guy’s guy, who, in his 60s, still plays hockey with his pals.

He would rather have stayed ignorant of the spiritual world, but he did not have that choice. Joe’s journey through this heart-breaking, emotional, roller coaster ride left him with the certainty of belief that we grow spiritually or we die! This is a beautiful and touching story filled with grief and heartache, with just a touch of humor in all the right places. It is a book for all who have lost a loved one—especially if prematurely—and it will illuminate your path to healing to allow a view of the other side. Indeed, it will bring you to the threshold of understanding and knowing that they are not gone.

Joe McQuillen
Joe has been married for 27 years and is the father of three children, one on the “other side.” Joe was the youngest of 10 children from an Irish-Catholic family, and although he has had two successful careers, he is at heart a bluecollar kid from Buffalo, NY. Starting as a salesman, he spent 25 years in the automobile business, working his way up to executive manager and partner in a number of successful Chicagoland dealerships. After selling out in 2009, Joe began a second successful career as a mortgage broker and is currently with Chicago Financial Services.