The Past Lives Podcast Ep139 – Mark Beale

This week I am talking to Mark Beale. Mark is a clinical hypnotherapist that works in Past Life Regression and Spirit Releasement Therapy. He runs the Past Life Awakening Institute where he trains hypnotherapists in Past Life Regression Therapy and Spirit Releasement Therapy.

I studied Mark’s Past Life Regression Therapy course and found it to be exceptional. Even though I have a good level of knowledge in this field I learned a great deal and am very happy I chose to enroll on Marks’s course.

Mark’s Bio
In 1983 at 10, I first practised hypnosis with my family in New Zealand. However I forgot this and took a career in financial markets, driven by a desire to fund a wanderlust has seen me travel all of my adult life. My first career took me to Hong Kong, London and Sydney.

In 1998 at 25 I realised the corporate path was not for me, and took a year long trip to India, to motorcycle and paraglide in the Himalaya, and study yoga and Tibetan Buddhism. In meditation, I had a spontaneous age regression to doing hypnosis at 10, which became an initial awakening to my healers path.

A series of awakening experiences followed in the next few years. These featured past life regressions, including recalling being a priest in a ‘sleep temple’ in Egypt, where “I” was essentially practising past life regression 4,500 years ago.

I was put onto the spiritual path fully in 1999 at 26, due to a girlfriends spiritual awakening crisis that involved me deeply and required spirit releasement. I integrated my experiences by reading Brian Weiss, studying meditation, kundalini yoga and the superconscious while traveling especially in India, Bali, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

By 2006 at 33 I completed studies in hypnotherapy and past life regression in India and became a full-time professional based in Asia ever since, living for 5 years India, and 10 years based around Thailand. I’ve had my own clinic in Goa and Bangalore, and worked at two premier wellness resorts in Thailand alongside a peer group of world class practitioners and a sophisticated and diverse range of international clients.

In 2012 at 39 I began training locals and expats from my office and training center in Bangkok.

Now I travel the world as a trainer and mentor.

I see my role as a) bringing out the potential in newer healers, through certification and mentoring, b) adding a touch of specialist knowledge to already vastly experienced and talented practitioners.

I also see my role, by living long in Hindu and Buddhist countries, as being something of a bridge between West and East, and between the therapeutic and the spiritual.

a) Therapeutic; half of my students are experienced therapists in areas like hypnotherapy, psychology etc. They want to learn more about spiritual management, to initiate or deal with Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) and Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT). They are already competent to a degree with hypnosis, and emotional and mental management.

b) Spiritual; half of my students are experienced spiritual healers, psychics, mediums, reiki practitioners etc. They want to learn more about a therapeutic techniques and a complete process for PLRT and SRT. They want to learn more about hypnosis, and emotional and mental management. They are already competent to a degree with spiritual management.

The ultimate authority and integrity to heal comes from each practitioners training, and from the level of their spiritual awakening; this motivates and inspires you to walk the healers path, brings forward your inner abilities, overcomes your blocks, and attracts the souls that seek out your help.

I am delighted that we have now connected as members of a healing community and soul group, and trust we can be a source of support and assistance as we walk the healers path and strive to awaken to fully fulfil our spiritual life purpose.