The Past Lives Podcast Ep142 – Chris Lippincott

This week I am talking to Chris Lippincott about his book ‘Spirits Beside Us: Gain Healing and Comfort from Loved Ones in the Afterlife’.

Psychic medium and best-selling author Chris Lippincott shares the vast knowledge he has gained from years of study and hundreds of his mediumship readings and offers clear evidence that the spirit realm is much closer than we realize.

In this captivating and compelling book you will:

Discover that your loved ones who have crossed over are still alive and care about you.
Learn that love is the fabric of the afterlife that creates an everlasting bond with us.
Gain a better understanding of life beyond the veil.
Acquire a roadmap to connect with the spirit world.
Expand your awareness and prepare to be transformed by spirit’s eternal love.
With eloquence and humor, Chris shares his remarkable journey into mediumship, describes what the other side is like and offers remarkable readings and healing messages he has been privileged to convey that have been life transforming for the recipients.

This inspiring work clearly describes that not only do we survive our physical death, but more importantly, that the bonds of love between the two worlds are eternal. This thought-provoking book is a must for anyone interested in the spirit world, mediumship and what spirit is trying to tell us.

Follow the information from this book and quickly learn about the spirit world.


Chris trained with some of the world‘s greatest teaching mediums, who have not only helped him develop his abilities but also taught him critical structure, evidential criteria, and sound theoretical and spiritual foundation. He strictly operates by a firm code of ethics and integrity in mediumship.

His Tutors Include:

Tony Stockwell (international medium and instructor at England’s renowned Arthur Findlay College);
James Van Praagh (one of the most celebrated & respected teaching mediums);
Rev. Janet Nohavec (medium & instructor at the Arthur Findlay College and Reverend at the Journey Within Spiritualist Church);
Martin Twycross (teaching medium at Arthur Findlay College and SNU International);
Andy Byng (tutor and course organizer at the Arthur Findlay College in the U.K.)
Lee VanZyl (international teaching medium & founder of Montclair Metaphysical School);
Josef Siegel (a Spiritualist Medium and Spirit Healer from New York );

His Education and Development:

Advanced Mentorship with Tony Stockwell
Mentorship with Tony Stockwell
Advanced Mediumship Workshop with Tony Stockwell
Excellence in Mediumship Workshops with Tony Stockwell
Channeling Messages with Tony Stockwell
Maintaining and Sustaining Your Link with Tony Stockwell
Mediumship Development Program with James Van Praagh
Private Reading Workshop with Rev. Janet Nohavec
Platform Mediumship Program with Lee VanZyl
Essence of the Communicator with Andy Byng
Deepening the Evidence with Andy Byng
Sitting in the Power with Andy Byng
Mentorship with Josef Siegel
Experimental Mediumship with Josef Siegel
Spirit Guides with Josef Siegel
Trance Mediumship Circle with Lee VanZyl
Trance Mediumship Workshop with Jay Beriloff
Trance Writing and Inspired Writing Workshop with Karen McCarthy
Mediumship Development Program with Martin Twycross
Spiritual Self Development with Martin Twycross
Mechanics of Mediumship with Rev. Janet Nohavec
Mediumship Development Circle with Rev. Janet Nohavec
Mediumship Development Circle with Lee VanZyl
Unfoldment Into Mediumship with Lee VanZyl
Mediumship Development with Josef Siegel
Reiki Levels I & II Certification with Lee VanZyl

He is a member of the Spiritualists National Union International (SNUi) and also a Minister ordained through the Universal Life Church.

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  • Amy Nicolai

    This is one of my favorite interviews. Chris is very skilled in explaining unexplainable concepts using accurate comparisons and he is so funny….contagious laugh! This answered a lot of my own questions.

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