The Past Lives Podcast Ep148 – Whitley Strieber

This week I am talking to Whitley Strieber about his book ‘The Afterlife Revolution’.

The joyous news of the Afterlife Revolution is that there is a soul and we do live on. When she died in 2015, Anne Strieber set about proving this to her beloved husband Whitley. She did this by following a secret plan that they had worked out in the 1990s. The first one to die would not contact the other directly at first, but through friends.

Not two hours after she died, Anne contacted a friend, Belle Fuller. And that was just the beginning of this wonderful story. It is so convincing that famed afterlife researcher Dr. Gary Schwartz wrote a foreword for the book, calling it one of the best cases of afterlife communication in history.

The book frees the reader from the fear of death and shows how loved ones can remain in contact after the separation. It is a soul-freeing and soul-feeding reading experience.

PEN award winning author Mitch Horowitz says β€œβ€œIt has been observed that belief in the afterlife is really a belief in the undying nature of love. In The Afterlife Revolution, Whitley Strieber gives form, story, and insight to that principle, mapping out in vivid, moving, and persuasive detail his continued communion with his beloved wife Anne. Our generation is passing through a renaissance of near and after-death literature. This memoir forms the gravitational center of that field.”

First there was Communion. Now, 30 years later, there is the Afterlife Revolution.