The Past Lives Podcast Ep165 – Leanne Halyburton

This week I am talking to Leanne Halyburton about her new book ‘Spirits, Ghosts, And Troublesome Entities’.

Weird happenings in the kitchen and the rooms above it; an inexplicably swinging light shade; the sound of doors opening and closing, and footsteps on the stairs… when no one else was home. Intuitive consultant Leanne Halyburton’s old house was awash with paranormal activity – including a possible portal in the crumbling bathroom wall! And yet, it wasn’t an unhappy home. However, looking back, she recognises that life was becoming more and more difficult – and that it improved dramatically when the family moved into a new property.

But, it got her really thinking about all things paranormal. Throughout the years, many customers had told her that they were experiencing hauntings or inexplicable sightings – and she came to understand that things are not always exactly as they appear. Of course, none of those people were being untruthful; it’s just that, sometimes, there are other possible explanations. She also wanted to know what other people believe to be true about spirits and ghosts – so she asked, and the responses are included in this book.

Questions like: are spirits and ghosts the same type of entity? Do our deceased loved ones play tricks on us and hide objects? Do those who have passed under traumatic circumstances remain connected to the location of their death? Is ghost hunting a good idea? Other subjects, such as energetic recordings, poltergeist activity, other-dimensional visitations, and ‘good’ spirits are also discussed.

Spirits, Ghosts, And Troublesome Entities is a fascinating insight into aspects of the paranormal – and the ways in which we human souls respond to and interact with it. The big question is – what do you believe to be true?

A 26-year career as a professional intuitive consultant, with a global client base, has inspired Leanne to produce a collection of spiritual books, in which she offers up her personal perceptions and conclusions for the reader’s consideration. As well as producing literally thousands of consultations, she has performed hundreds of stage shows, featured on radio, and written for a variety of publications.

However, Leanne’s intention is not to promote herself and what she has achieved, but rather to allow the work itself to occupy centre stage. Fascinated by the capacity of the human mind, and ever-keen to understand more and more about the journey of the human soul beyond physical death, she has continued to explore, question, and analyse – and she encourages her readers to do the same! She believes that the experience of physical life, and the pathway we take beyond death, are inextricably linked – and that everything matters, and everything counts.

Although Leanne has mostly retired from public mediumship, she continues to work as an intuitive consultant, and the consultations she produces are a combination of prediction, insight, and food for thought. She laughingly admits that has become an accidental ‘expert’ on the subject of dating and relationship dilemmas (the subject that most of her clients wish to discuss!)… hence her book, Break Those Disempowering Dating Habits! Down To Earth Advice For Frustrated Women.