The Past Lives Podcast Ep167 – Leo Bonomo

This week I am talking to Leo Bonomo about his book Summerland.

Leo Bonomo is “The Voice of Spirit,” and is regarded as one of the best psychic mediums in London. He is also a noted author and journalist on afterlife topics and mediumship. Leo trained for eight years at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (SAGB) as a professional, evidential medium. Leo is the UK Director and certified member of, ASSMPI, and ISSMPI – The American Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation. He has written several channelled books available on Amazon called, Summerland, and A Book of Thoughts, with messages from spirit.

Currently, Leo also teaches psychic development and medium workshops. He is the host of a global show on KCOR radio with expert guests from around the world who discuss spiritual topics.

Summerland… All Stories have a twist, can one truly be life changing? This is one you will never forget…
A mystical journey into the unknown, that final journey we take, where does it really lead? When will you make the discovery? Will you be enlightened or frightened? Do you really, really want to know the truth… What is it that frightens you about death? Dare you join this journey into the Shadowlands, bordering on hell and Summerland, heaven with us? Alex soon discovers that it is quite different to what he expects, and he learns to love and live in a way that he could never predict.
So much more alive than we could ever be, he finds love and friends and a purpose to existence that brings a fire to his belly, but where is that elusive unconditional love?
Follow Alex as he makes this journey one that takes him from an initially disturbing path where possession moves in mysterious ways, from that into all conquering love. Where evil can be just around the corner in the most unexpected places where the light of love and salvation can momentarily be blotted out… Discover with Alex what it is to flourish in the real world, a world far beyond this one which is more alive than this is but yet, not quite out of touch. Where he can contact those of us who are still in this world… Where not just love penetrates… Where the weakness’s of man’s greed and ego drive others into those evil deeds we know so well.