The Past Lives Podcast Ep168 – Dr. Lynda Cramer

This week I am talking to Dr Lynda Cramer about her book ‘Heaven Exposed: A Real Account of My Near Death Experience’.

Dr Lynda’s story of her Near Death Experience has been a researched and topic point of many within this field, and has been mentioned in Best Seller books on this topic.

This is the story of where she went, what she saw and what she got from her experience that she now shares with others.

For anyone who just has an interest in what is “out there” after our death, to those who research this Near Death Experience phenomenon, this book is a testiment that life does continue after our body dies.

Dr Lynda Cramer has been a Psychic Medium since birth. Her Near Death Experience in May 2001 has lead her on a Spiritual Path, whereby she now offers hope and support to both the living and the dead.

PhD in Philosophy, CBT Practitioner, Life Coach Practitioner, Ordained Reverend, Spiritual Counselor