The Past Lives Podcast Ep172 – Lynda Cramer

Ghosts and Spirits. This week I am talking to Dr Lynda Cramer about her book ‘Ghosts Exposed: A Psychic Mediums Perspective’.

Are you fascinated by Ghosts, or intrigued to know what they are? Do you want to hear some true ghost stories, and see REAL GHOST PHOTOS that Lynda Cramer took?

Psychic Medium Lynda Cramer has always seen dead people. These “”people without skin” taught her what it is to be a “Ghost” or “Spirit”.

What is the difference between a Ghost and a Spirit?
Why do some stay Earthbound and others go to “Heaven”?
Why do they move things and scare us?
These questions and many more are answered within the pages of this book.

As promoted in “That’s Life” magazine, issue 20, 2020, read the story of Roy, an elderly man who lived next door to Lynda Rae, who died but did not leave his house. Roy still turns on his TV and turns lights on, when there has been no electricity to his house for over two years!!

Read the story of “The Matron”, a lady who still works at a Brisbane hospital, five years after she was killed in a car accident.

Read the story of “Shelly”, who is searching for someone to take her to the hospital to see how her friend is, unaware that she herself died in a car accident back in 1976.

Read how Spirits and Ghosts come through, how they manifest into apparitions. REAL GHOST PHOTOS INCLUDED.

How do we “sense” Ghosts or Spirits?
What can they do for us?
How do we protect ourselves against them?

Do not be scared, be aware of what this phenomenon is all about.

Dr Lynda Cramer has been a Psychic Medium since birth. Her Near Death Experience in May 2001 has lead her on a Spiritual Path, whereby she now offers hope and support to both the living and the dead.

PhD in Philosophy, CBT Practitioner, Life Coach Practitioner, Ordained Reverend, Spiritual Counselor