The Past Lives Podcast Ep177 – Paul J. Leslie

Paranormal activity in therapy sessions. This week I am talking to Paul J Leslie about his book ‘Shadows in the Session: The Presence of the Anomalous in Psychotherapy’.

By examining research into the supernatural conducted by the early founders of psychotherapy, along with first person accounts from therapists who have experienced strange events in their therapy sessions, this book provides readers with a peek at a hidden area of psychotherapy that is rarely discussed. The “paranormal” is not something that many would connect to the field of psychotherapy, but whether one believes in the phenomena or not, this book enlightens the reader that such occurrences continue to be experienced by both clients and their therapists.

Paul J. Leslie is an author, educator, and psychotherapist in Aiken, South Carolina. He specializes in creative, resource-directed approaches to working with individuals and families. His books focus on the areas of transformative psychotherapy, healing, shamanism, and personal development.

Paul is presently the coordinator of the Behavioral Sciences program at Aiken Technical College.