The Past Lives Podcast Ep179 – Debra Jorden-Kauble

Alien Abduction, EVPs and more. This week Debra Jorden-Kauble returns to talk about her book ‘Extraordinary Contact: Life Beyond “Intruders”‘.

Debra Bio
Debra Jordan-Kauble is an “ordinary” woman with a habit of attracting the extraordinary.

After reporting a terrifying anomalous experience to Budd Hopkins—pioneering researcher of alien abduction phenomena—Debra’s life takes a dramatic turn as she becomes the central figure in Hopkins’ best-selling book, Intruders, and in its popular TV adaptation. But while the TV series ended with a clear resolution, Debra’s astonishing story continued in real life.

In Extraordinary Contact, Debra shares with the reader her close-up and personal experiences with UFOs, poltergeists, the afterlife, Electronic Voice Phenomena, premonitions, synchronicities, and non-human entities. Such phenomena are woven throughout the vivid tapestry of Debra’s life—flourishes of the anomalous, offset against an everyday backdrop of factory work, family and friends.

Spanning four decades, Extraordinary Contact is a story of resilience and growth in the face of trauma, tragedy and loss, and an intimate, first-person account of what it means to be a lifelong experiencer of “impossible” phenomena.