The Past Lives Podcast Ep185 – Shepherd Hoodwin

A Metaphysical View. This week I’m talking to Shepherd Hoodwin about his book ‘Compassion For Evil: A Metaphysical View’.

In this book, Shepherd Hoodwin explores the issue of evil from the soul’s point of view, drawing on the channeled Michael teachings. Topics include karma, how souls evolve, the roots of evil, anger and fear, revenge, shadows, forgiveness, conscience, guilt, redemption, and love.

SHEPHERD HOODWIN is a Laguna Niguel, California, channel who specializes in the fascinating Michael teachings about how we set up our lifetimes. He has been channeling Michael since 1986. He also does intuitive readings, mediumship, past-life regression, healing, counseling, and channeling coaching (teaching others to channel). He has conducted workshops on the Michael teachings throughout the United States.

He is the author of several books on the Michael teachings and spirituality. He also has a humor collection, Enlightenment for Nitwits.