The Past Lives Podcast Ep186 – Marilyn Kaufman

Past Life Regression. This week I’m talking to Marilyn Kaufman about her book ‘Lifetimes: Exploring Your Past Lives and Life Between Lives Can Empower You to Live the Life You Were Meant to Live’.

Fifteen years ago while studying energy healing, Marilyn Kaufman found herself in a spontaneous past life. The incredible experience left her wondering what other lifetimes could be influencing her current existence. And so she began an introspective journey to find out more.
After gaining a better understanding of the experience, Marilyn began studying hypnosis and regression therapy, and eventually incorporated the techniques into her existing energy healing practice. While guiding her clients down an enlightening path through past lives, into the in between, and to connect to their Spirit guides, Marilyn learned much about the purpose of life. By sharing her insights, Marilyn helps others who may be awakening or searching for meaning in their lives to embrace the power of past life regression therapy to move through challenging obstacles, explore and heal relationships, and realize their true life’s purpose.
Lifetimes shares fascinating personal stories of an empath’s journey and related experiences with past life regression as she achieved peace, gained eternal knowledge, and went on to guide others down a path of self-actualization.


Marilyn Kaufman, CHt, a true believer in life-long learning and eternal progression, started her metaphysical journey studying Healing Tao Meditation for many years. She has since become a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Reiki/Energy Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Between Life Soul Regressionist and Master of NLP.

Marilyn has studied at the Transformational Arts College and the Rocky Mountain Mystery School in Toronto, with Dick Sutphen at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lilydale, N.Y., and Dr. Linda Backman at the Ravenheart Center in Boulder, Colorado as well as many others. In 2016, Marilyn received her Master of Hypnosis certification from Georgina Cannon in Toronto. In 2019 she certified as a master of NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) after studying with Eliot Hoppe in Toronto.