The Past Lives Podcast Ep188 – Laura West

This week I’m talking to Laura West about her book ‘Guided’.

You are loved more than you know, and you have access to a wealth of knowledge and guidance once you know how to tap into it. Guided is a book meant to take you through that process while reading what spiritual learning looks like firsthand through Laura West’s personal journey. Learn about some of the basic tools and aspects of spirituality, such as crystals, meditation, Soul Teams, and mediumship. Understanding these topics can help enhance your ability to follow the intuitive breadcrumbs in your life. Doing so could help your life flow more easily and lead you to your true purpose. See what happens when you learn to say yes to your intuition and begin to live a life that is Guided.

My spiritual journey and path to mediumship truly began over 20 years ago. It started with a dream visitation of Jesus asking me to spread his word. Having been brought up in both the Christian and Jewish faiths, I struggled to understand why me and what he meant by this. A couple of years later, my grandmother passed from cancer. The same night of her passing, she visited me in a dream saying she was all better. My grandmother’s passing was the start of dream visitations of other friends and family members who had passed over the years, including a couple of dreams where I met my two spirit guides. Fast forward to the present, my spiritual journey has taken off. With a found ability to channel messages of love and wisdom from Soul Teams and passed loved ones, and an aptitude for energy healing, I have been able to lovingly transform my way of life. And I am now ready to share the message I was asked to spread all those years ago; the message of love.