The Past Lives Podcast Ep191 – Ioanna Serpanos

This week I am talking to Ioanna Serpanos about her book ‘Giving Spirit a Voice: The mechanics of mediumship’.

The Book
I think I am a medium but how do I know?
I don’t see Spirit …am I still a medium?
How do I develop my ability?

If you have asked yourself these very questions then this is the book for you. Renowned medium and mentor, Ioanna Serpanos, through her stories and practical exercises, outlines the mechanics of mediumship giving you, the reader, a strong foundation to build and hone your confidence in yourself and your abilities.

In Giving Spirit a Voice you will uncover:

The difference between being a psychic or a medium
The different styles of mediumship
How to open your mediumship
Overcoming barriers to your development
Signs that Spirit is communicating with you
How to give professional readings
Nurturing a young or child medium
The healing power of mediumship
This book is a practical, informative and instructive manual and guidebook that reveals the fundamentals of mediumship practice. By understanding the mechanics of mediumship and putting into practice the exercises at the end of each chapter you will be able to hone and master your own abilities. This book suits all levels of ability, from the curious to practicing mediums and even parents of young mediums.

Ioanna Serpanos, shares her wisdom, knowledge and techniques honed over 15 years of professional practice. She invites you to place your trust in Spirit and in yourself. To become a messenger for Spirit – to give Spirit a voice.

Ioanna Serpanos is a recognised and well-respected Psychic Medium and Mentor who comes from a long linage of Psychic Mediums and has been reading for over 20 years. She is renowned for her accuracy, honesty and integrity and delivers messages from Spirit with compassion, humility and down to earth practicality.

As an Author, Ioanna has just published her new book “Giving Spirit A Voice” which is available on Amazon around the world. Her new book is a practical manual that guides you through the process of learning mediumship and suits the novice or professional medium alike.

Ioanna has been communicating with Spirit from a very early age and is highly intuitive connecting through all the psychic senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing and taste/smell.

She offers private readings that cover Mediumship (passing on messages from your loved ones in the world of Spirit); Psychic readings (connecting to your Guides, Angels, Tarot and Inspirers in Spirit) or Business Readings (Ioanna was originally trained as an engineer and knows the corporate world of business intimately).

She is a passionate teacher and follows her soul purpose by mentoring upcoming Mediums, Psychics and Healers through her connection to the teachers and inspirers in the world of Spirit and in her life experiences. She offers one on one (1 x 1) Mentorship/Coaching (in person or via Skype) and runs weekly classes for those that prefer to learn in a group environment.

As a recognised Reiki Master Teacher, Ioanna also taps into her Medical Intuition working with her team of Spirit Doctors to give you insights into the root cause of dis-ease in your body. She effectively “reads” your body and provides information that assists in the understanding of why you have become unwell and what you can do to overcome this.

She is available for private sittings/readings – in person or via skype – healings, teaching, public demonstrations, inspirational speaking engagements, events and workshops.