The Past Lives Podcast Ep197 – Angela Dunlop

Mediumship. This week I am talking to Angela Dunlop about her book ‘The Miracle of Mediumship’.

People assume that after a loved one dies, they have gone forever. It can be a wonderful surprise and relief when they receive contact beyond the grave.

Angela Dunlop is helping to transform people’s understanding of life after death. Having communicated with thousands of people who have passed over, Angela delivers messages of comfort to loved ones they have left behind. Her insight and connection to the Spirit World proves beyond doubt that the soul continues after death.

This extraordinary book tells remarkable stories from normal people who have proof of contact from loved ones passed. It’s a book to help restore your faith.

I’ve been on my Spiritual path since I was 24, I began attending classes and circle at the Belfast Spiritualist Church. Over the years of my training as a medium I studied in the Arthur Findlay College, London. I was fortunate to work alongside a few highly skilled teachers from the college, Tony Stockwell, Glyn Edwards, Chris Drew, Andy Byng, Mavis Pittila and Paul Jacobs. As my journey into mediumship unfolded I began working with clients for private sittings and demonstrating my ability to the public.

Back in 2009 I opened my first holistic centre called ‘House of Healing’ it was a beautiful centre selling new age gifts, crystals and jewellery. We provided services in healing and offered training. From here I taught students and shared my insights through my mediumship to clients. I decided in September 2020 to close the shop and work from home. This gave the opportunity to slow down and finally write my first book ‘The Miracle of Mediumship’.