The Past Lives Podcast Ep198 – MG Stephens

This week on The Past Lives Podcast MG Stephens is talking about her book ‘THE BOOGEYMAN CHRONICLES’.

From ghosts to UFO’s and unexplained phenomena, M.G. takes you on a chronological telling of every encounter she and her family endured over the last 40+ years in The Boogeyman Chronicles.

M.G. Stephens is a neurodivergent medium/empath who grew up knowing she was very different but not sure in what way. She started experiencing paranormal activity as early as two years old. Her mother was also a well-known psychic that worked with detectives and solving cold cases. M.G. struggled to accept her abilities for decades and tried her best to dismiss all of the terrifying encounters she was having on a daily basis.

After many years of hesitancy, M.G. finally learned that her abilities could help people and began to slowly accept and develop them. After much prodding from clients and friends, she decided to write a book detailing her terrifying real-life journey through the paranormal. M.G. also has a podcast of the same name, where she delves into the concept of paranormal PTSD. MG Stephens is 44 years of age and is currently living in Los Angeles, California, working in the film industry. She is proud to say that she was ‘born and raised in the South’.