The Past Lives Podcast Ep200 – Bud Megargee

This week I’m talking to Bud Megargee ‘Soul Afterlife: Beyond the Near-Death Experience’.

Bud has said he will give away a free download of his book from Audible to the first 5 listeners who send their email address to him. His website address is in the shownotes.

Since the dawn of time, human beings have asked the seemingly unanswerable question: what happens when we die? And saints and sages throughout the ages have given their interpretation of what awaits us on the other side. But few have taken this inquiry as far as Bud Megargee, a corporate-executive-turned-soul-explorer whose latest book explores in exquisite detail the mechanics of what happens to our souls before, during, and after our lives on earth.

Megargee’s questioning started decades ago as a psychology grad student when he found himself listening to a man in a hospital bed describe his near-death experience. The story was powerful enough to make Bud— who was raised Catholic and later became a practicing Buddhist— consider the existence of a soul and thus, an afterlife.
Driven by extreme curiosity and his growing belief that we are more than what we can imagine, Bud began searching for answers.
He found them, and then shared his discoveries with the world through his books.

From the award-winning author of five unconventional spiritual memoirs comes Megargee’s latest book in the series, Soul Afterlife: Beyond the Near Death Experience. Through a series of dialogues with “a voice from the beyond”, we bear witness to his thought-provoking questions, the detailed and unorthodox answers he receives, and his attempt to come to terms with them. The book tosses conventional understanding of what happens when we die to the wayside to tackle tough questions about the near-death experiences so many have witnessed and lived to tell:
What exactly does the soul think, feel and experience once it’s through the spinning tunnel?
How long does it stay there?
Does it undergo a life review of sorts?
Where exactly does the tunnel lead?
Is reincarnation next and, if so, how does it work?
Each conversation is detailed and complex, but through our guide’s capable telling of this otherworldly life of the soul, we are free to grasp onto as much as our egos dare to allow. Megargee makes no pretenses and is quick to point out his own skepticism, but it’s that rare sense of honest uncertainty from a corporate-executive-turned-spiritual-voyager that is so refreshing for anyone who remains open-minded and curious about what comes next.

Bud Megargee is an award-winning author of five unconventional memoirs that survey the potential existence of a world of souls. His carefully documented ten-year journey into this unexpected realm does not always reveal obvious answers, it delivers a challenging and touching review of unusual possibilities.
With the passion that echoes the dedication of Carlos Castaneda, in “The Teachings of Don Juan”, seekers of the truth of human existence will find Bud Megargee’s journey both intimate and illuminating.
Bud Megargee is a former senior behavioral healthcare executive; a Washington, DC., healthcare lobbyist; and an independently published, award winning author. He began writing after exploring Eastern philosophy and alternative medicine techniques in the professional treatment of emotional challenges at a Taiwanese Buddhist monastery.

Mr. Megargee serves as the CEO for The Megargee Healthcare Group, specializing in developing behavioral health medical intervention and transformation strategies and is living in the beautiful green countryside of southeastern Pennsylvania.