The Past Lives Podcast Ep204 – Janet Tarantino

This week I’m talking to Janet Tarantino about her book ‘Dying to See’.

What happens after we die? What is consciousness? Are God, Jesus, heaven, and angels real? In the past, these age-old burning questions remained entirely unanswered until near-death experiences, like Janet Tarantino’s, have shed light on what lies beyond life on this earth.

Janet’s engaging story is passionate yet humble, thought-provoking yet mind-shattering, and leaves readers wanting a supernatural experience too—but Janet warns we need to be careful what we wish for. She says these types of experiences can blow one’s life apart like glass shattering to pieces until the NDEr understands the deeper meaning of what God was conveying. It is only after understanding the important messages within that bring wholeness, joy, and comfort to our lives in the fact that we never die and life goes on into eternity.

Janet says the narratives of her three near-death experiences hold characteristics that are not restricted to one religion but stretch the boundaries to contain aspects of Christianity, Buddhism, Spirituality, and possibly more because she says God is the superpower of everything.

Dying to See is a spirited mystical adventure filled with a mind field of explosive insight into the supernatural world around and beyond us. As Janet describes her most in-depth NDE, she tells us how God embraced her and showed her moments of her life directing her to “Understand these moments. They matter.” Janet terms her transformational experiences the “Ultimate Ambush Makeover” and her inspirational discoveries will guide you, as it did her, to a life of purpose and gratitude

The progression of her personal otherworldly experiences communicates the answers to the three burning questions above and will also help you to:
Know in your heart why God says we are never alone and that He lives life with us as He declares in religious texts.
Know with certainty that your prayers are answered.
Know that we have a host of divine assistance that chaperone and protect us.
Discover how we can identify the individuals in our life with whom we may have soul contracts and which ones have assisted in bringing clarity to the value of both positive and negative relationships.
Discover the spiritual education you may have chosen pre-birth so you can embrace the wisdom from your sacred journey.
Embrace messages from heaven and the divine inspiration of your inner spirit and live with love, peace, and joy.
Janet says we should open our eyes and hearts each day with a sense of adventure, wondering where God will guide us, what nuggets of wisdom we can collect, and who He will bring into our lives for us to assist or learn from. After all, our life is the highest and most important journey we’ll ever have.

One summer, when Janet took leave on a well-deserved vacation, she was in a severe car accident and found herself no longer in this earthly world, but rather looking back toward this one from a different world. She tried tucking the experience away, not telling anyone about it, but the heavens wouldn’t allow her this luxury.

This accident was a catalyst to other unexpected occurrences, including a more intricate and revealing near-death experience (NDE) that shook her to the core. This higher intensity NDE spurred Janet’s desire to understand the complexities and relationships involving her experiences, initiating her journey for spiritual understanding.

After more than 15 years of investigating near-death experiences and the many different facets involved therein, she now understands the intricate details of everything that happened- or at least most of what happened. But, as is often the case, more has been revealed over time- at just the right time, according to the heavens.

Janet has channeled her spiritual understanding into a passion to share this knowledge with others; she is now ready to reveal the transcendental and encouraging information that she has learned from her spiritual experiences. Her knowledge, examples, and insight about the revelations of Heaven and the nature of the soul will enlighten, uplift, and offer peace to those seeking the answer to the common question: What happens when we die?

You will be astounded, relieved, and encouraged to know the answer.