The Past Lives Podcast Ep209 – David Rippy

This week I’m talking to David Rippy about his book ‘Always Immortal: Uncovering Past Lives and Life After Death through Hypnotic Regression’.

Few people know that the teachings of reincarnation were taken out of the Bible in 553 A.D. Follow along with these ten clients who recount unique and exciting past lives throughout the ages. Journey along with a client who shares a life as a psychic and seer. Another client recounts an amazing life living as a priest in Mesopotamia leading secret meetings with fellow believers that ran counter to the Roman Pagan influence and religion of the time. Learn about clients’ experiences at their soul council meetings and their interactions with archangels, ascended masters, and spirit guides. Learn the divine advice they received on the direction their lives are going now and if they are fulfilling their soul’s purpose in this life.

David Rippy is an inspirational author and speaker who seeks to help people live their best lives. At age 25 in the midst of beginning a career at a Fortune 50 company, Dave’s life changed dramatically when a car accident left him paralyzed from the shoulders down.

Despite this life-altering injury, he formulated a vision for his life. He became determined to fulfill his ambition to become a money manager—and he did. David went on to have a long and successful career, working at both Merrill Lynch and The Vanguard Group. After achieving his own dreams, Dave wanted to help others to reach their own goals and live their best lives in spite of the facing the greatest hardships of their lives. Each of his three books addresses a different facet of existence: the mental, the physical, and the spiritual.

He introduces readers to his story of a devastating spinal cord injury and the road to becoming successful in Captain of My Soul: Mastering a Destiny Altered. Then he offers the reader concrete guidelines for living better that’s geared toward the disabled yet strings together pearls of wisdom proving valuable for everyone in Powering Through Paralysis: How to Survive & Thrive with Disability or Disease. He takes the reader on a spiritual odyssey of his own explorations of the afterlife via transcriptions of particularly powerful sessions from his hypnotism practice in The Immortal Soul: The Journey to Enlightenment and in the book Meeting Jesus: Hypnotically Regressed Clients Explore their Past Lives & Encounters with Archangels & Ascended Masters. David’s most recent book, Texas Blue Moon, is his first novel.

He continues to spread his messages of positivity through writing and speaking engagements. He still believes that there are more miracles to come in his life and works toward new goals and aspirations every day.