The Past Lives Podcast Ep210 – Ron Yacovetti

This week I’m talking to Ron Yacovetti about his book ‘Paranormally Speaking: Knowingly Talking to the Unknown’.

Paranormally Speaking: Knowingly Talking to the Unknown is a philosophical and satirical straight forward insight into the post taboo world of paranormal research and investigation as told by ITC and DRV Researcher, Ron “The Yacman” Yacovetti. With an eclectic background in stand-up comedy, broadcasting and over a decade of paranormal experience, Ron takes a pull no punches approach to important and sometimes underrecognized issues such as code of conduct, evidence review, reverence for our founders, the need for continuous education as well as the critical question we should all be asking ourselves, “Why am I doing this?”.

This book spotlights the mystical and methodical ways to communicate with spirits, an area of study that captured Ron’s focus early on, called ITC: Instrumental Transcommunication, with an emphasis on the European methodology almost entirely absent from the TV and internet landscape of shows, known as DRV: Direct Radio Voice.

Whether you read his written word, see him lecture live or watch him online as a guest on video podcasts or as a co-host of his own, “Entity Voice Paranormal Evidence” show seen on the Un-X Media Network, the depth of his research, experimentation and comedic candor will have you seeing all things paranormal vastly different than you had before.

Now back where he grew up in NJ. Ron began investigating during his 14 years in Los Angeles California. This diversity in residence gave him the opportunity to investigate some of the most notable haunts on both coasts including The Queen Mary, The Oman House, The Shanley Hotel, Whitehill Mansion, The Glen Tavern Inn several times each.

He has a unique background as a stand up comedian, MMA Commentator, a writer and Paranormal Investigator. Ron has hosted and interviewed a variety of fields driven by a genuine love of connecting with others.

While Ron enjoys all aspects of investigating, his affinity and area of specificity in the afterlife research is ITC Instrumental Trans-Communication. The area of study is most known in the the United States for a variety of devices seen on TV such as the Ovilus, Spirit Box, or Ghost Boxes.

While Ron has and continues to use those devices and mobile apps leaving no method unexplored, he has spent two years doing innovative afterlife research experimentation, rooted in the European methodologies of ITC known as DRV: DIRECT RADIO VOICES. These methods predate any sweeping radio or app of the modern ghost hunting movement and seemingly fell out of favor with casual paranormal enthusiasts but not with the dedicated researchers. So under the banner of GonYac Paranormal with his girlfriend Lourdes Gonzalez, his ongoing DRV work has yielded very impressive results.

Ron possesses skepticism and an open mind, and feels you should pursue results for any theory you may have. Period! If you have an agenda that all things are paranormal or all things are not, you are a believer. Both are ideologies that stand in opposition of each other and indicative of what defines a believer. A skeptic seeks absolution not to debunk and discredit.

Ron feels that the field growing in acceptance is a paradigm shift which starts with taking a scientific approach not a scientistic one.